The Benefits of Spiritual Freedom

“What we want to do is contact the Voice of God, which is the Holy Spirit, the ECK. This Voice of God can be known through the Light and Sound that uplifts us so we can reach into the high states of spiritual consciousness. No longer bound by the hand of destiny, we then become spiritually free to mark our own course for this lifetime and into the worlds beyond.”
— Harold Klemp
Touching the Face of God, p. 123

• How has your life benefited from having spiritual experiences?
• How does conscious contact with the Holy Spirit transform your life?
• What are the benefits of living a life of spiritual freedom?

“Love gives a shortcut to heaven. If you do one little thing each day for love and love alone, without any expectation of reward, you’re going to find that life gives you more and more.”
— Harold Klemp
Touching the Face of God, p. 59

You are invited to join in this open discussion and share your experiences, or ask a related question that you may have.

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Dec 27 2023


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