How Divine Love Comes to Us

“As we give of ourselves, of our patience and love, to someone who needs it, something changes inside us. Something flows in, a flow of good feeling.

“A spiritual upliftment occurs both in us and in the person receiving the love.”
— Harold Klemp
The Awakened Heart, p. 15

Probably all of us would like to experience more of God’s love. So how does this come about? We will explore this as well as these points:

  • What techniques do you use to open yourself to more Divine Love?
  • How can we recognize, and accept, a difficult experience that can bring us more Divine Love?
  • What does “giving” have to do with “getting”?

You are warmly welcome to join our discussion to share your experiences and insights about this topic — or just come to listen. We will practice a simple spiritual technique that can open us more to Divine Love by chanting the sacred and ancient name for God, HU. You can listen if you wish to a recording of many people singing HU at

“There is no way that I, any other person, or any physical book of scriptures — no matter how holy — can open your heart. And whether people know it or not, believe it or not, the heart opens from the inside out.

God’s love comes from the inside out.”
— Harold Klemp
The Awakened Heart, p. 96

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